lipsome vitamin c

Liposome Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the exogenous compound necessary for a variety of metabolic processes; therefore, the efficient delivery is critical for the maintenance of body homeostasis. Vitamin C pharmacokinetics and low quantities in processed foodstuff, necessitates its continuous supplementation. In the paper, we present the new liposomal formulation of vitamin C free of harmful organic solvents. The formulation was quantitatively characterized with respect to its chemically composition and nano-structuring. The vitamin C accessibility to cells from the formulation was evaluated using evidence derived from experiments performed on cell cultures. Finally, the enhanced bioavailability of vitamin C from the formulation was demonstrated in the medical experiment.

LIPOSOME VITAMIN C 58% guarantees a high percentage of inclusion in liposome of Vitamin C , over 85%.
– In order to characterize and standardize the product, the liposomal size is measured by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). The principle of the method is based on variations in intensity of scattered light as a function of time.

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